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How Chambers of Commerce Can Leverage Mobile to Generate Non-Dues Revenue

 Once upon a time, chambers of commerce could depend solely on membership dues to sustain their programs and provide benefits for local businesses, but those days are behind us now. With competition at an all-time high, the business community is expecting more from chambers, from enhanced networking opportunities and legislative action to more exposure and SMB benefits - and all of those...


How Community Portal Apps Can Connect A City

Mobile is the preferred method of communication these days, so it makes perfect sense that mobile apps enable cities to communicate more quickly and effectively with citizens. Whether it be a crime alert, or a voting reminder, mobile solutions can offer seamless, instantaneous communication from the city to citizens. Sharing information, offering mobile access to city services, and increasing...


How to Develop an App Content Strategy

While mobile apps have been developed to provide a vast array of interactive features for users, a common denominator amongst most apps is that they also deliver some form of content. Whether it is text-based, location-based, imagery or multimedia, content will form the “meat” that users consume while using your app. A focus on quality content ensures that your app investment continues to deliver...


App Store Optimization: How to Choose Keywords for the App Store

From choosing the right app name to determining effective keywords, app store optimization or “ASO” as it is sometimes called, helps to get your app found and downloaded. When you consider that 65% of app downloads come directly from searches in the App Store, ASO shouldn’t be relegated in importance with last minute decision making in the app development process. Keywords are what a potential...