Chambers of Commerce

A Non-Dues Revenue Resource & Mobile Solution to Promote Your Members

Support Your Chamber, Members & Community

With over 80% of mobile users now owning a smartphone, mobile apps are one of the most effective ways to promote your members, support economic development, and help your chamber reach its goals.

  1. Promote members in the community
  2. Support your “Shop Chamber First” program
  3. Generate non-dues revenue
  4. Increase chamber visibility
  5. Influence positive governmental policies
  6. Attract the next generation of chamber members

Non-Dues Revenue Generation

zCivic responsive websites and mobile apps will not only become a vital resource for sharing your community and all it has to offer, they are also an effective way to generate non-dues revenue. The platform offers multiple ways to earn funds that can be used to support other valuable chamber programs.

  1. Enhanced business listings to upgrade member exposure
  2. Banner & interstitial display ads
  3. Sponsored content & native advertising
  4. Multiple co-branding & partnership options

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Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

zCivic mobile solutions offer a flexible, full feature set designed to work with your unique chamber. Each app and responsive website is customized for your branding and program.

  1. Multimedia business listings
  2. Interactive GPS maps & social media integration
  3. Community event calendar
  4. Push notifications for announcements & local news
  5. Digital coupons & mobile loyalty card programs
  6. ChamberMaster API integration & data import options available

Partner for Greater Success

Other organizations throughout your community share common goals: reaching citizens and visitors, delivering useful information and services, encouraging economic development, and supporting local businesses. Organizations such as the local city government, downtown association, hospitals, and even the local newspaper are all trying to reach the same audience. Working with community partners can make your app project more viable and successful, and the zCivic platform enables this type of collaboration.

  1. Diffuse app development & maintenance costs
  2. Combine content to offer a wider range of useful information & features
  3. Reach a larger audience
  4. Multi-user CMS access streamlines content management