Connect with your community

Engage Residents & Connect with Visitors

A well-built mobile app can become a vital resource for sharing all your community has to offer. Whether it is meeting the needs of citizens or encouraging economic development, zCivic has you covered with flexible mobile solutions that support multiple civic goals.

  1. Create the go-to resource of useful information
  2. Communicate in real-time
  3. Grow civic engagement & empower residents
  4. Support local businesses & tourism initiatives

Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

The zCivic Full Digital Platform offers a full suite of features and flexible customization enabling you to support residents, visitors and the local business community.

  1. Directory of city departments & information about city services
  2. Push notifications to keep citizens informed
  3. “Report an Issue” tool to collect city maintenance requests
  4. Community event calendar & interactive maps
  5. Multimedia business listings & where to eat, stay, play & shop

Learn how to put your city at their fingertips.

Partner for Greater Success

Other organizations throughout your community share common goals: reaching citizens and visitors, delivering useful information and services, encouraging economic development and supporting local businesses. Organizations such as the chamber of commerce, downtown association, hospitals, schools and even the local newspaper are all trying to reach the same audience. Creating a Community Portal with partners from throughout your community can make your app project more viable and successful, and the zCivic platform enables this type of collaboration.

  1. Create the Official App of the Community
  2. Offer each partner a dedicated section with branding & customization
  3. Diffuse app development & maintenance costs
  4. Combine content to offer a wider range of useful information & features
  5. Reach a larger audience

Municipalities are Evolving Their Mobile Strategies with Community Portals

Get an inside look at how the revolutionary Community Portal mobile strategy works to maximize an app's content, audience and marketing reach. In this white paper we explain how three different communities have created Community Portals to meet the needs of residents, visitors, the local business community and those looking to relocate.