Other Civic & Not-for-Profit Organizations

Flexible mobile solutions to support your goals & drive engagement.

Colleges & Universities

Prospective and current students expect to access campus information in their preferred format: on their smartphones! Make the most of your admissions, orientation and marketing budgets with a customized mobile solution that meets the needs of your students and your school.

  1. Connect with prospective & current students
  2. Offer video tours customized for different majors, audiences or foreign languages
  3. Collect detailed user information for targeted follow-up
  4. Support orientation programs & campus exploration
  5. Include athletic & event listings, student housing & admissions information, history & traditions
  6. Share all the things that make your school special or unique

Religious Groups & Organizations

A zCivic mobile solution for your church, parish or religious organization can help you meet a variety of goals using modern technology. Our system delivers information and features that help people grow in their faith and actively participate in their religious organization regardless of the type of digital device they are using. Engage with members and connect with new prospects with a comprehensive zCivic mobile solution.

  1. Sacrament schedule, service times & event calendars
  2. Daily inspirational messages & prayers
  3. Maps & GPS directions to churches & event locations
  4. Bios on priests, pastors, religious figures & other staff
  5. Video & audio recordings of services
  6. Registration forms to request additional information or submit prayer requests

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Trade Associations & Conferences

Connecting with busy industry executives and delivering timely, actionable news is essential for sustaining and growing your association. zCivic mobile solutions offer an effective platform for supporting your association members and increasing their engagement with your organization. Our flexible platform is also perfect for supporting annual conferences with all the features needed to connect, communicate and assist attendees in making the most of your event.

  1. News & social media feeds, articles & videos for member education
  2. Dynamic event schedules & GPS mapping to encourage attendance
  3. Bios & contact information for association leadership, speakers & staff
  4. Membership directories & sponsor recognition
  5. Push notifications to share announcements by topic of interes
  6. Custom branding & layout specific to your needs

Nonprofits & Charities

Take your cause-based organization mobile with a digital on-the-go resource designed with your organization and audience in mind. zCivic mobile solutions for nonprofits and community outreach programs are an effective way to connect with community members and support your goals.

  1. Articles, multimedia footage & news feeds
  2. Volunteer opportunities & event listings
  3. Donation links & sponsor recognition
  4. Push notifications based on topic of interest
  5. Social media integration
  6. User-generated content & photo submissions