Main Street Organizations

Mobile solutions to help promote & revitalize your community.

Honor the Past & Build for the Future

Your Main Street district is an important part of the community, both its past and its future. Citizens & prospective visitors use their smartphones every day to look-up information and communicate. A zCivic mobile solution will allow you to share your community’s Main Street with the next generation and bridge the gap between the Main Street of the past to the Main Street of the future. More than just a directory of local businesses, a zCivic mobile solution can be the hub of your program.

  1. Promote member businesses ensuring that they are front and center
  2. Project a positive, future-proof image
  3. Generate positive economic impact
  4. Offer a glimpse of the past with historic photos & tours
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Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

The zCivic Full Digital Platform offers a full suite of features and flexible customization enabling you to reach your audience on any type of digital device in order to support your Main Street or district guests, as well as your local business community.

  1. Multimedia business listings with important information
  2. Digital loyalty cards or passport program
  3. Historic photos & walking tours
  4. Community event calendar
  5. Interactive GPS maps

56% of people use their phone at least occasionally to learn about community events or activities.18% of people do this frequently.

-Pew Research Center