Wednesday, April 26, 2017

App Marketing: Think Inside The Car (or Bus)

When it comes to marketing your app, nothing should be off the table. The rules are being written and rewritten constantly. Just because you're end goal is a 'digital' one (a new install) doesn't mean that you have to think only in digital terms. We live in an analog world. Where are your ideal users? What are they doing? When is the best time to get your app in front of them?

For Tourism and Visitor's Apps we love the idea of marketing in (or on) public transit... It's the right audience, right time and probably the right price, too!

Don't be afraid to push the envelope (see our next post on restroom advertising!).



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Sunny S

Sunny has been working in mobile and location-based technology since 2008, specializing in marketing, business development, and project management. She lives in Denver with her husband and kitten, where she enjoys outdoor adventures and craft brews.


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