App Description

Explore Purdue with the official Purdue University Campus Tour app. Learn more about this vast laboratory for learning and discovery with multiple self-guided tour options — North Campus, South Campus, Athletics, Student Life, Colleges & Schools, and new this year, the Special 150th Anniversary Campus Tour narrated by author John Norberg. A campus events calendar, campus history, and visitor information are all included to give app users a full look at life at Purdue and help them make the most of their time on campus.

The app features -

  • An interactive, zoomable GPS map that shows your current location and points of interest in the area.
  • Photos and text that share the history, culture and stories behind Purdue.
  • Multiple tour media access points: find desired tour stops from the map or a full tour stop list.
  • Location-based tour stop triggering: as you explore, a dynamic list of the tour stops nearest your location will continue to refresh.
  • Tour stop images will help orient you to the surroundings and find points of interest more quickly
  • Additional embedded information such as phone numbers, websites, social media, routing addresses and text information. 


App Type: Higher Education
Client Type: Education/School