App Description

Purdue University worked with zCivic to create the Official Campus Tour App. The app allows users to learn more about this vast laboratory for learning and discovery with multiple self-guided tour options — North Campus, South Campus, Athletics, Student Life, Colleges & Schools, as well as a Special 150th Anniversary Campus Tour narrated by author John Norberg.

A campus events calendar, campus history, and visitor information are all included to give app users a full look at life at Purdue and help them make the most of their time on campus. The platform's GPS triggering was especially helpful in allowing users to be alerted when they have neared a point of interest on the tour and tour stop images help users to orient themselves to their surroundings. Additional interactive content such as phone numbers, websites, social media links, routing addresses and text information allow users to connect to different departments and services quickly and seamlessly through the app.


Purdue University
App Type: Higher Education
Client Type: Education/School