App Description

Hottest, Driest, Lowest: Experience a superlative desert of sweeping sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, colorful rock formations and over 3 million acres of wilderness.

The Death Valley National Park tour offers an insider’s look at the geologic story of Death Valley and much more. Discover the powerful connection of the native Shoshone to the land they call Timbisha. The challenges faced by gold prospectors and early pioneers are also revealed as visitors are immersed in the spectacular rock formations of this desert landscape.

• Enjoy over 90 minutes of professional ranger-hosted videos as you tour Death Valley National Park from your vehicle
• Videos are triggered automatically via GPS as you reach each tour stop

For optimum viewing at Death Valley National Park, launch the app and choose to download the tour videos to your phone for use without connectivity. The Death Valley National Park video tour was created through a partnership between the National Park Service, BarZ Adventures and the Death Valley Natural History Association.


App Type: Interpretive, Visitor Guide
Client Type: Parks & Attractions