App Description

Discover all the fun options Rockingham County has to get and keep you healthy!

- Turn-by-Turn directions to various healthy places such as playgrounds, rivers, farmer’s markets, roadside stands, recreation centers, trails, walking tracks, etc.
- A variety of healthy recipes including recipes for diabetics, those with high cholesterol or blood pressure, and more.
- Healthy eating and active living tips galore. 
- Find a community garden near you or learn how to start one.
- Information on boating, fishing, canoeing, rafting, tubing, waterskiing, and much more the beautiful waters in Rockingham County!
- Whether it’s paved, gravel, dirt, mulch, or asphalt – we have it! Discover the trails where your two feet or your two wheels can take you.
- Learn about Rockingham County School’s policy for regarding community use.
- The young and old at heart can enjoy the many playgrounds, pools, ball fields, parks, and golf courses available for public use in Rockingham County. 
- Hear about upcoming events in all corners of the county.
- Find out more on what Rockingham County has to offer!

Download Be Healthy, Rockingham County, NC now to begin your path to a healthier you!

Every four years Rockingham County comes together to assess the health of the community. Physical activity and nutrition has been a top health concern for community leaders and residents for the last 12 years. In an effort to address this concern, Be Healthy Rockingham County, NC was created by the Local Physical Activity and Nutrition (LPAN) Workgroup. The LPAN workgroup is comprised of various community organizations, agencies, businesses, and concerned citizens who want to improve their health as well as their family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.


Rockingham County, NC
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